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The Eye

Eye care is important to maintain your vision and regular visits to your doctor can help you protect and preserve your eyesight.

Optometry: Examining the eyes for defects of vision and eye disorders using appropriate instruments in order to prescribe corrective lenses or other treatment.

Ophthalmologist: A doctor who specializes in dealing with the anatomy, function and diseases of the eye. Ophthalmologists prescribe and fit eyeglasses and contact lenses. They also may treat eye diseases with drugs and surgery.

Doctors of Optometry: Optometrist are primary health care professionals for the eye. Optometrist examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases, injuries, and disorders of the eye, and identify related systemic conditions affecting the eye.

Aaron Thornton
Acuity Vision Boutique
Akera Yuka OD
Albert Lee
Alexander Lukens OD
Alexander Lukens
American Academy Of Ophthalmology
Amy Thich OD
Miller and Stolarczuk
Andrew Emch OD
Angela Tam
Angie Lau OD
Anita Ko Lem
Anita Parks MD
Arora Rajleen
Arthur Siu Optometric
Ashby Jones
Balla Susy OD
Barbara Modlinski-Haug
Batra Nicholas MD Inc.
Bay Retina Associates
Bella Vista
Berkeley Ophthalmology Medical Group Inc.
Berkley Opthmology
Bonnie Ng OD
Bradford Chang
Brittany Nelson OD
Bruce Dong
Bryan Doherty OD
California Optometric Laser
Carl Grondona OD
Carol Clark
Carrie Lee OD
Chester Lim OD
Chow Marcellus
Cindy Sakai
Cindy Szeto OD
City Center Optometry
City Optometry
Claudia Ruegg OD
Claudia Silva
Colleen Chew OD
Colleen Tashiro
Connie Choi
Danny Lin Md Pacific Eye Assoc
Darlene Fong
Deborah Deleon
Dennis Burger OD
Dennis Burger
Diana Klets
Doctors of Optometry
Doris Chang
Dorothy Okamoto OD
Dr. Christine Brischer
Dr. Carcamo Aristides
Dr. Eileen Chan Optomertrist
Dr. Daniel Chin
Dr. Peter Disalvo
Dr. Brian Fong

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